Adriana Torres at Miga de Pan answers Despokes Questions

Image:Ginger, mint and lemon tea is a collection of puffs, pillows, blankets, rugs and accessories.
What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
Since I was eight to thirty years old I was convinced I was going to become an architect. After four years studying architecture I discovered that attracted me so much graphic design as architecture, and I started the career alongside graphic design that I also did not finish, I got bored before I graduated. Besides the two careers, I studied Fine Arts, photography and illustration. I studied with Silvia Mato (my master) for six years and I’m still in her workshop. I also learned to embroider for two years with Guillermina Baiguera (an argentine artist).

Where did you study design?
I studied Architecture and Graphic Design at the UBA, University of Buenos Aires.

What was the first thing you designed?
The first object I designed was a stone clock. I did it when I was very young and I sold them at various stores of decoration in Buenos Aires.

How do you define good design?
I think the object must be first of all functional, and this has to solve a use environmentally friendly and if its aesthetic value remains in the time, we are facing a good design.

What would you be if not a designer?
If I were not a designer, I would be a photographer, typographer, architect or a lion tamer.

Which design of yours are you most proud of and why?
One of the designs that I’m most proud of it, is the collection named “Bosque”, they are cushions I think that in addition to comfortable (you have to try the cushions “Trunk” they are sooooo comfortable!) they are warm, they make you want to lie down on them, embrace them and not let them go more. I think the importance is that their designs are handmade with an ancient technique but at the same time they are modern. I think that this is the highlight of Miga de Pan.

Anything in your career you wish you’d done differently?

I spent many years studying different things, so at some point I thought I was mistaken, but now I realized that I’m applying to drive my brand “Miga de Pan” absolutely everything I have learned.

Which designers do you most admire?
Some designers and artists I admire most are Paul Klee, Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Zaha Hadid, Donna Wilson, Sara Fanelli, Camilla Engman, Lola Goldstein.

Which product do you wish you’d designed/do you think is an example of good design?
I think the puffs and cushions “Bosque” can be an example of a good design because without reproducing quite literally the veins or the bark of a tree, they manage to transmit the idea. Cushions are woven into a very difficult point of crochet and two-tone color mixing is achieved by an abstraction from the bark of a tree, leaving the concept “forest” clearly represented. Both covers and interiors were designed to be as comfortable as cute.

Tell me about your design style at home?
The style of “Miga de Pan” is modern, cute, young, cheerful, warm, innovative and singular.

You can see more from Miga de Pan at 100%Design 2011.

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