Playful Community Complex


Welcome to the Cultuurcampus Vleuterweide; a huge complex comprising of a school, sports facilities, fifty residences, a church, cultural centre, theatre, and a library. This mini city complex was developed by architect Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architecten with interior design and furnishings by Assen-based AEQUO BV Architects.

This newly created community hub is located in the City of Utrecht in the Netherlands and has been the source of much excitement in the design world thanks to the inspirational internet café. The central library’s internet area (pictured above & below) features stunning, bespoke wooden work stations. The beautifully crafted seats and desks, with in-built computers, are sculpted works of art and the colourful embellishments add a splash of fun to the design.


Playful colour schemes and innovative designs can be found dotted around the whole Vleuterweide facility, including lime-green, lemon-yellow and azure-blue walls, and pink carpets. AEQUO has certainly succeeded in creating an artistic and playful community environment – the only risk being that the residents may never have any desire to ever leave?


Images via The Cool Hunter

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